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About Jeff

Jeffrey S. Mueller is a professional actor who brings good-natured sincerity, and warmth, to his roles on both the small and big screens.

Born in Baltimore, Maryland, he has appeared on television (Copy Cat Killers), in films (Mennonite of the Living Dead, I Want To Tell You Something, Riverment), and in commercials. 

While performing every chance he gets, Jeff continues his training at the Studio Theatre Acting Conservatory in Washington, D.C. as part of their conservatory program; as well as being an active member of the Society of American Fight Directors (SAFD).

His production company (Jerd Productions) has been producing positive, health conscious, and empowering web content, since 2012. Jeffrey's passion for fitness, martial arts, athletics, and helping people achieve their best, fuels him while in between projects.

Jeffrey is just in love with the process, enjoying the ride, and looking forward to impacting viewers and fans with great work and stories. The sky is the limit; next stop is working in the next Emmy Award winning series!